Release 1.0

New Features

New name

WASS is now WASE: the name change reflects the significantly changed functionality, and the focus on mobile devices.

Mobile support

WASE now works on mobile devices, including phones and tablets, as well as desktops.

Managers and Members

WASE lets office hours holders add managers and members to any of their calendars.


You can add members whose userid starts with an @ sign; these are not people, but rather things that you are scheduling with WASE. For example, if you have a laser-cutter that you want to schedule, you could add an @laser_cutter member to a WASE calendar.

Simplified blocks

All blocks in WASE now support one ore more appointment slots, and all slots can have one or more appointments.

Wait Lists

Office hours holders can now enable a wait list for their calendars.

Enhanced local calendar synchronization

If enabled by your institution, and if authorized by the user, WASE can now save appointments and appointment blocks directly into a user's Google or Exchange (Outlook) calendar.