Release 2.7.2

New Features


Bug Fixes

missing iCal attachment in outgoing email after faled synchronotization

Release 2.7.1

New Features

Updated Instructions for Exchange synchronization in Preferences

Bug Fixes

Now able to remove GAP accounts as managers and members of a calendar

Display correct Available count in large Calendar view

Release 2.6.0

New Features

A field has been added to the new appointment form for appointment makers to specify venue or other details.

The specification of deadlines on Blocks has been simplified.

Bug Fixes

Active Directory lookups fixed.

The Export to CSV function in My Appointments has been corrected.

Release 2.5.0

New Features

If you create a slotted block and specify that individuals can make more than one appointment in the block (e.g., take up more than one slot), then the individual can make a single appointment that spans the slots, rather than having to make multiple, seperate appointments.

The form for creating and editing blocks has been streamlined and simplified.

Bug Fixes

If you change the message sent out with appointment reminders and notifications on your calendar, you will be prompted about propagating the change to existing blocks.

Waitlist is now defaulted to 'off' for new calendars.

Release 2.4.3

New Features

When WASE prompts for a netid (to add managers/members, or to restrict appointment making by netid), it will check to see if the user entered the first part of an email address, and, if so, ask the user if they meant to enter the corresponding netid.

The Apply to Manage and Apply to be a Member buttons on the Calendars page have been moved into a more prominent position.